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Cue Cards for Anger

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Cue Cards for Anger

Sometimes students are out on the yard or in the hall and something really ticks them off. They are not in the classroom where the teacher is available for support so another strategy is needed. This is where cue cards come in to play. They are small enough that they can be discreetly put inside a pocket and pulled out when the students needs them to help calm down. It is best to laminate them as with wear and tear they will become quite ragged. This cue cards states the following.

1) What was I trying to accomplish with my angry behavior?
2) What made me fly off the handle or act out so angrily?
3) Was I acting responsibly? Why or why not?
4) It is over now, can I let it go and move forward? Why or why not?
5) Did I take responsibility for my anger and not blame others?
6) Was it really worth getting angry? What can I learn from this?

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