Teacher Prompts for Anger Management Worksheets
Teacher Prompts for Anger Management()

Teacher Prompts for Anger Management

Teacher Prompts for Anger Management For Google Apps

Teacher Prompts for Anger Management

When you are helping a student work through their anger remember you are there to coach them not rescue them. Here are some teacher prompts you will find beneficial for classroom, restorative and homeschool use. Another great tool is to use a talking stick to try and work through the situation in an acceptable manner.

I want you to relax and be calm.

Remove any distractions (put technology away and anything
that may distract you.)

Listen to __________ and it is important not to interrupt and not to blame.

Look at __________ and use appropriate body language and facial expressions
please. I will always be the same with you.

Listen to learn and to understand, not to respond.

When it is your turn to respond, use ‘I’ statements. I hear
you say……… I would like you clarify…….I don’t understand…...I
was angry when you ………..I really felt that you………

Dialogue suggestions: Describe the situation... What is the main issue for you..
Tell me more about...What could you do to improve…(Judge the action, not the student.

(You may wish to use a talking stick (or object) pass it to the speaker when it is their turn to talk and nobody else talks when an individual has the object.)

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