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Incentive Suggestions

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Incentive Suggestions

When dealing with anger issues it is important to do tracking. Whether it is an daily or hourly trackers, check marks or happy faces, it is important that a reward is given when success is achieved. Different incentives work for different kids. It might be a concrete reward such as a toy or special food. It can also be other rewards like more tv or computer time. This printout gives you some ideas of what to use for incentives when trying to modify behaviour.

10 minute device pass
a homework pass
work with a friend
a treat
a coloring page
leader for the day
happy gram home
extra time outside
free choice activity
read with a friend
happy gram to the office
help in another class
lead the class in a 5 minute fitness break
read 2 riddles to the class
be a special helper
5 minute game/puzzle
sit on a yoga ball
choose your seat/place to sit

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