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News or Noise?

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News or Noise?

Become a critical thinker when evaluating the news you read on social media. Always seek to find out if the news is factual, biased or fake. Learn to debunk fake news or false claims by determining the validity of a story with these eight questions:
Does the headline match the news content?
Many headlines are meant to grab the reader?s attention, it is the bait to make you click through? (Known as clickbait)

Ask yourself, ?who wrote this story and why?. Always look for reliability and quality in your source.

Is there a strong bias or opinion? News is factual.

Is this fact? Opinion? How do you know?

Is there a Who, What, When, Where, Why and How in the article?

What does your common sense or intuition tell you?

Research this story elsewhere, are you able to find it in a verifiable source? (Non social media source)

Is something missing, left out? What questions do you still have? (Fake news often misses critical information)

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