All About Bones Worksheet Worksheets
All About Bones Worksheet()

All About Bones Worksheet

This is a close worksheet to learn about our bones. There are 206 bones in a grown up skeleton. The largest bone in our skeleton is called the femur and it is located on the upper part of our leg. Our feet and hands have almost half of all of the bones in our body. Joints are where the bones meet, our joints allow us to move and bend. We have bone marrow inside of our bones. The bone marrow is what makes our blood. Our bones keep growing until we are about 25 years old. Our rib bones are important, they form a ribcage and it protects our heart, our liver and our lungs. Some people think we have a funny bone, we don't really have a funny bone. When people knock their elbow and say they’ve hit their funny bone, they have really hit a nerve that runs along the humerus bone. Our skull is a very important bone because it protects our brain. We should take very good care of our bones by exercising and by making sure we drink lots of milk and eat dairy products.

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