Absorbency Experiment gr 2 Worksheets
Absorbency Experiment gr 2()

Absorbency Experiment gr 2

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Absorbency Experiment gr 2

A great teachable on absorbency for your grade 2 class. Learn what materials are more absorbent than others.
Engineers are always looking to solve problems. They are testing various types of matter to help them solve problems. Sometimes, it is important to have materials that are absorbent. Determine the most absorbent materials as suggested:

Items needed: Cotton balls, tissues, paper towel, paper, pieces of material, cardboard, toilet paper, sponge, plastic wrap, foil.. Water and a bowl.

Procedure: Put the same amount of water in a bowl (2-3 tablespoons) Use
approximately the same amount of material for the absorbency test. Put the material into the bowl, count to 3 and take it out. Notice how well the material absorbs and how much water is still in the bowl. Repeat with each of the materials until you can determine which type of material is the most absorbent.

List the materials from most absorbent to least absorbent. Why would absorbency be important?

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