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Many of us have been fortunate enough to see the tides happening. It is mesmerizing to many of us. Why do tides happen? This is a great information sheet for your students to explain the tides and how they occur. How is the moon involved?

If you have ever been on the coast or shoreline of an ocean, you may have had the opportunity to see the high and low tides happening. Each day there are usually two high tides and two low tides (although some locations don’t experience two tides). If you walked on the shore of the ocean during the low tide, you would have lots and lots of shore space but if you walked on shore during high tide, there would be very little shore space as the water line is much higher. Think of tides as rising and falling levels of
water from the ocean. Tides are mostly caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. When the moon is new or when the moon is full, the tides are
higher than usual. The sun also affects tides but because the sun is farther away from earth, the impact isn’t strong like the pull from the moon which is closer. The oceans on earth get pulled by the gravitational force toward the moon which creates the bulge in the oceans. The earth is always spinning and this means there will be another high tide on the other side of earth. The highest and lowest tides are called the Spring tides and will occur when the sun, moon and earth are all lined up. Although these
higher and lower tides are called Spring tides, they have nothing to do with the season that is called spring.

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