Grasslands Biome Information and Facts Worksheets
Grasslands Biome Information and Facts()

Grasslands Biome Information and Facts

The Grasslands biome is a semi-dry area with very few to no trees, it is
dominated by grasses, both long and short grasses. The soils in the Grasslands are thin and too dry for trees to survive. There are three categories of
Grasslands: the Prairies, the Steppe and the Savanna. The Grasslands are
often found between the desert and forests. The Grasslands biome occupies about 1/4 of the Earth.
Location: Grassland biomes are found in the middle latitudes, in the interiors of continents. Grasslands are found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.
Weather: The Grasslands in the southern hemisphere often get more
precipitation than the Grasslands in the northern hemisphere. In the winters, the temperatures can fall below 4 degrees C or 40 degrees F and rise up to 21 degrees C or 70 degrees F in the summer. Rainfall is about 25 to 76 cm. or 10 to 30 in. in the northern
hemisphere and 63 cm. to 150 cm. or 25-60 in. In the southern hemisphere. Grasslands get a significant amount of sun and wind.
Seasons: There tend to be two seasons, a growing season and a dormant season. Summers are typically wet and winters are typically dry. There can be long periods of drought in the Grasslands making this biome susceptible to fires.
Animals: There are many grazing and roaming animals in the Grassland
biome. There are few shelters from predators for animals yet an abundance of grass for food. Many of the animals are herbivores due to the abundance of grass to eat. A significant number of animals have long legs or can move quickly to escape their predators. There are approximately 300 species of birds in this biome.
Plants: There are many species of grasses and wildflowers that grow in the Grassland biome, however, few to no trees are found there. There are both tall and short grasses that grow in abundance. Plants here adapt by being very resistant to drought and will re-grow after fires.

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