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About Eclipses

This printable teaches facts about eclipses. It is a great resource to add to your unit on solar systems. Have your students read the text and underline the important points with a highlighter. This will make it easier for studying later.

Eclipses are astronomical events that occur in our universe and in our own solar system. The planets, and moons are always moving which is why eclipses happen. Eclipses occur when one of the objects in our solar system blocks us from seeing another object in our solar system. Eclipses can be partial or total. In our solar system, there are two types of eclipses, the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse. A solar eclipse will occur when the moon comes between the earth and the sun. When this happens, the moon will fully or partially block us from seeing the sun. A total solar eclipse is quite rare. During the day, if it’s a full eclipse, it gets dark out and the temperature gets cool. If the moon blocks just part of the sun, it’s called a partial solar eclipse and during the day, it gets a bit darker and only part of the sun is visible. The sun should not be looked at during a solar eclipse as it can damage the eyes. Special glasses are needed to view solar eclipses safely. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon. The moon will be fully or partially in earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse. Earth blocks the sun which causes earth’s shadow on the sun. However, during a lunar eclipse, the moon is usually somewhat visible to earth but will often be a dark orange color. A lunar eclipse can occur up to three times a year and can be seen when there’s a full moon in the night sky.

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