3rd Grade Word Problems Worksheets
3rd Grade Word Problems()

3rd Grade Word Problems

Sample of the word problems for grade 3 Christmas math:

Bella has 4 more gumdrops than Ava. Ava has 7 gumdrops.
How many gumdrops does Bella have?
2. 40 Christmas balls were in the basket. 25 are red and the rest
are green. How many Christmas balls are green?
3. Jake has 38 candycanes and Paul has 44 candycanes. How
many candycanes do Jake and Paul have together?
4. 49 bells are in the basket. 25 more bells are put in the basket.
How many bells are in the basket now?
5. 12 presents were in the basket. More presents were added
to the basket. Now there are 48 presents. How many
presents were added to the basket?

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