Biomes Worksheets


Biomes and habitat worksheets. Biomes are everywhere you go. Biomes are regions/ecosystems with similar climate, animals, plants and will also fall in similar latitudes on earth. Scientists haven't been able to agree on the number of biomes that there are and many will include the ocean and freshwater lakes in the classification of biomes. For the purpose of the worksheets found here, the focus is on the 6 main biomes which are: desert, deciduous forest, grasslands, taiga, tundra and tropical rain forest. You'll find many worthwhile worksheets for each of the biomes listed. You'll find information about all six biomes and many classroom activities and worksheets.

Aquatic Habitat
Deciduous Forest Worksheets
Desert Worksheets
Grasslands Worksheets
Taiga Worksheets
Tropical Rainforest Worksheets
Tundra Worksheets

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