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Simple Interest Worksheet 08()

Simple Interest Worksheet 08

Learning to apply simple interest to word problems. Simple interest word problem worksheets with 10 questions per page, includes answers.

1. How much principal must be invested to earn $54.00 in nine years at an interest rate of 3%?
2. If a principal of $100 was invested at a rate of 7% and terminates with a balance of $163.00, how long was the money invested for?
3. You put $800 into an investment at 7% for three years. What will the balance be at the end of three
4. How much interest is earned on $800 at 3% for one year?
5. At what rate was an investment made that obtains $126.00 on $700 over six years?
6. How much interest is earned on a principal of $500 invested at an interest rate of 10% for six years?
7. If you take out a loan that costs $540.00 over six years at an interest rate of 10%, how much was the loan for?
8. If a loan is taken out for $300 at 8% and costs $96.00, how long was the loan for?
9. If you invest $400 at an interest rate of 6%, how much money will you have after eight years?
10. If you received $90.00 on $900 invested at a rate of 10%, for how long did you invest the principal?

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