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Colon Rules, How to use the Colon()

Colon Rules, How to use the Colon

When to Use the Colon:

A colon is stronger than a comma or a semicolon.

A colon should not be confused with a semicolon, a colon is much stronger.

The colon separates a sentence with 2 independent clauses whereby the second clause provides additional meaning to the first:

1. Swimming is something my whole family loves: we are all very
good swimmers.
2. I have everything I need to go swimming: now I?m just waiting
on my instructor to take me.

Use a colon in time expressions:
1. It is 2:30

Use a colon at the beginning of a list or title:
1. Dennis only has one friend: Doug.
2. There are four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring.

After salutations or in business letters:

1. Dear Mr. Jones:
2. To:
3. Subject:

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